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  • pressure-sensitive PVC
pressure-sensitive PVC

pressure-sensitive PVC

Inside surface of pressure-sensitive PVC coated with water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, and cover layer to protect against the sticky trap.

Use anti-lift of paper, and paste pictures of a good discount, and later into a book to press machine cold press for 30 minutes, then remove the CD to the trilateral level.

7inch      13*18
8inch      15.5*20.5
10inch    17.5*25 .5
12inch    20.5*30.50

16inch    37.5*25.5
18inch    44.5*30.5

8inch9square)         20.5*20.5  
10inch(square)       25.5*25.5
12inch(square)       30.5*30.5

Colors are black, white and white, mainly in the thickness of 0.5mm, 1mm.

Performance characteristics:
Suitable for the production of cross-page album.
Formation and keeps the inside, never deformation, it is not easy since Degumming layer, easy to operate. 

 Applicable to customers:
Large and medium-sized photo studio, small and medium-sized post-processing.

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