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Curing lights

Curing lights

Curing lights: UV lamp also known as ultra-violet tube and UV lamp, UV lamp and so on. UV lamp is the use of UV photopolymerization reaction principle does not require heat in a short period of time under conditions of UV-curable adhesive has a Fast positioning and curing etc.. are widely used in glass doors photo transfer, video production crystal, crystal handicraft processing, then the glass UV adhesive, UV glue curing and other fields. This product is the latest technology, high efficiency lamp belt shaped ring, and its work more efficient, shorter curing time, the real power to do to save time
Stands with high-grade two 20-watt UV lamp, high-quality reflective membrane, loss of light intensity, concentration of radiation is harmless to human body, but do not pay attention to as much as possible exposure to the eyes, or else they might be feeling a slight bulging of the eyes. Environmental health have no ozone, not to stimulate the skin.
To decide the use of ultraviolet light, UV Crystal 5 seconds can rapidly fixed, A4 size Laminated glass photos of three minutes to complete the curing.

Easy to use, enough!
This small amount of products that are suitable for use, if it is mass production factories, please reprovision professional curing machine, so as not to affect your work efficiency.

Note: This product is fragile goods!


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