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tempered glass

tempered glass

List album cover glass is made with tempered glass cover, the photos with ultraviolet light by a trace solid plastic stick in the glass surface, the inside is hard pvc.

Advantages: thin and light, the surface can be scrubbed.

disadvantage:Fragile glass.

The Bible is a book produced by special album;

The process is; laminating , roll marks, too plastic, sorting, drying, grinding cutting, bronzing, fitted cover, the cover of the leather cover, glass cover,namometer, as well as directly to do with the cover photo, a lot of variety.

Tempered glass 

7inch  12.5*17.5
8inch  15*20
10inch  17.5*25

2inch 20*30
16inch 37*25
18inch 44*30

8inch(suqare )   20*20


12inch(square )30*30
also can do  all kinds of irregular tempered glass

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