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UV glue

UV glue

UV glue / glue forever is a need for UV curing of the glue can, characteristics lies in the fact that bonding was necessary to have a material is transparent. As colorless, transparent plastic UV curing adhesive can be reflected the characteristics of material itself!

Range of applications: for crystal visco-crystal, glass viscosity glass, crystal visco-metal, glass stick of metal, crystal image, such as adhesive materials. Crystal crafts typical for the industry. 

Product features: layer after curing shrinkage of small, grinding, drilling does not crack after the crystal, not water; high strength, can be used for smearing and undermining the experiment close to 100% of the bulk crystal damage; flexible formula, particularly in the high - still hot and humid environment to maintain a high steady-state; easy cleaning, bonding glue spill site after curing of the adhesive layer to form flexible, you can easily wipe clean.

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