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	Laser seals machine

Laser seals machine

1, which is what our company retains the high-end upgraded mirror, upgrades, classic models, stable performance;
2, appearance, performance and precision are perfect combination, support the printers, scanners, compatible with international standard repertoire TIF and BMP, JPG files;
3, the operation is simple, the font specification, studious and easy to use, CNS, words, words of Yin and Yang transform at will;
4, configuration can be adjusted manually lift platform, convenient operation, improve work efficiency.
Technical parameters:
Laser power: 40 watts
Plotter: wear-resistant anti-corrosion design
The weight: 25 kg, the shell is made of 1.2 MM steel plate, more general factory.
Dimension: 80 cm X40 X25 cm
Biggest sculpture width: 25 cm X20 cm
Positioning accuracy: 0.01 mm
The machine power consumption: 200 watts
Left hand exhaust smoke exhaust design
Using software: stone laser engraving software
Interface: parallel port/usb
Scope of application:
1, the laser seals machine in seal of non-metallic materials such as ox horn is printed, wood, red plastic, organic glass seals, atom seals, crystal, jade seals, etc.
2, the laser seals machine in a small area of the arts and crafts processing, in double color board, wood, bamboo, organic glass, print all kinds of graphics and text on cloth.
3, can be in electronic components on name, type, logo, design, carving, etc., have permanent extremely.
4, can be carved glass, ceramic, and so on.
5, pay attention to can not engrave metal, but can add membrane after carving with chemical corrosion of metals



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