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inkjet photo machine

inkjet photo machine

Technology Hot hair bubble type
Dry the system The heat dries the system, making appearance brighter NEW
Media Auto Media Feeding & Take-up System NEW
Ink Supply System: The 500 ml continues to provide the ink system
Media Types PP, Mutually paper
Resolution: 600DPI
Print Speed
--2pass 9.9m2/h
--3pass 7.2m2/h
--4pass 5.3m2/h
--6pass 4.4m2/h
Printing Width 152cm
Light grid HP-RTL HP/GL2
Connect ECP
Power: 170-250V 50HZ
Consume Power: 20W, 185W, 285W
Operation Environment: 15-35 C 10-70%RH
RIP Software: The LB profession document prints the procedure

Language: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian

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