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  • 	continuum ink supply system
	continuum ink supply system

continuum ink supply system

It is known to all ,,the development of ink –jet printer is very wonderful!
Cost : the ink-jet printer used in the market now ,it will cost you 200RMto by the original 6colour ink ,if you use our ink system ,the ink cost will only be 0.1RMB/mm,it is useful to the coustmer who want to purse large printing and good quality .
Function :there is no break of ink , the quailiy  is very good。
The depletion of system environmental protection, decrease ink and ink box, ink not easily wasted, developing 100% efficiencies can print a great deal of diagram text in a row, do not need a wave to take a lot of time in spray a head to sweep with test. Because clean to reduce with test number of times, hence postpone to spray a life span
The advantage of the ink system:
)Utility(2) don't broke a printer to don't need to replace ink box to assist with the permanent chip, didn't need to decode do once and for all. Can circulate to add ink convenience credibility
Adjusted type :the EPSON system ink –jet printer
Adjusted group :The colorful image portrait of the manufacture figures of the printing advertisement manufacture repairs to decorate etc. profession

Convenient :  there is no need for you to worry about changing ink ,and problems as block ,once fixed forever use !

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