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Oval badge combination

Oval badge combination

  Traditional crystal drop models produced by the breastplate in Shuijingjiao Lai, but also to the production environment is a very high demand for goods is very high, the company badge in the original free drop models on the basis of technological improvements, the development of true high - free drop models breastplate, to drop models products to a new level, the true sense be convenient, fast, finished more perfect. 


1Improved transparency: This product is a transparent acrylic raw materials, a greater degree of enhancing the transparency of the products Cato (Cato original material produced by ABS) 


2Die special vacuum suppress traditional crystal drop models to the surface curvature. Cato finished more attractive to


3Making more simple, in a short period of time can be perfect crystal drop models show products


4Anti-shedding or not, so that the more core formation, aesthetics


5Three existing shape: a long rectangular, circular, elliptical


6Existing product specifications:

Shape         specifications

rectangle     21*58 
rectangle     25*75 
rectangle     25*65 
rectangle     30*70 
rectangle     35 * 70 
oval             35 * 55 
40 * 60  
roundness   φ45 
roundness   φ50


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