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code reader terminal

code reader terminal

Banking system           Tax Service System 
Securities System        Member Management System
Card Standard                                            ISO 7811 / 2 ISO 7816 
Track Position  ISO 1 (IATA)  ISO 2 (ABA)  ISO 3 (MINTS) 
Recording Density  210 BPI  75 BPI  210 BPI 
Recording Capacity  79 Characters,40 Characters,107 Characters
Power Supply  +12V DC ±5% 
Power Consumption  200mA ±15%(read) 280mA ±15%(write) 
Head Function  Read only 1.5mm, Writer 3 mm 
Card Thickness  Plastic 0.76 ± 0.08mm 
Operation Speed   10 ~ 150cm/sec(read) 10 ~ 100cm/sec(write) 
Error Rate  Lass than 0.5% (JSE Test card) 
Interface  RS232C, USB 
Operation Locus  Indoors only 
Lifetime of Header  500,000 card passes (1 pass : one swipe) 
Lifetime of IC  300,000 card passes 
Lifetime of SAM  600,000 card passes 
Operating temperature and humidity -5°C ~ 50°C, 20 ~ 90% RH 

Conservation temperature and humidity  -20°C ~ 55°C,5 ~ 95% RH       


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