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scratch off label

  • zebras Scratch off label
zebras Scratch off label

zebras Scratch off label

Zebras scratch off

It’s a new styleeasier scratch off, many kinds anti-counterfeiting functions materials for scratch-card, with high quality. It suitable to Phone cards, Prepaid cards, game cards, rechargeable card and so on , for covering the password on the password scratch-card, owning high security, proof transmit light and anti-theft, one-time used, excellent abilities of security. It also can be used in all kinds of labeling machines. The speed of the labeling can be up to 25-40 thousand pieces/hour. Having excellent suitability on machine, stabilization labeling , easier scratch off functions, it have been used in many large, middle, small size enterprises popular now.

High-speed labeling series

Usage methods : scratch off, common scratch off label

Prevent higher light penetration function

Prevent password function, side lighting reflection interfere function

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