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instant pvc card material

  • 	silk silver,silk gold
	silk silver,silk gold

silk silver,silk gold

Base material: PET
Thickness: 0.1/0.15 mm
Length: 30 m/roll
Wide: 31/61/91.4/127 cm A3, A4
The range of the ink: dyes, pigments
Scope of application: using imported PVC film material, advanced production technology, the ink absorption speed, the pattern is clear, have excellent metal texture and three-dimensional effect.This series products are suitable for making the marriage gauze photo digital photo, advertising photo, high-grade badge CARDS, glass decoration, craft gifts, etc.

Gold and silver printing material for back:
light silver , light gold
matt silver ,matt gold
placer silver , placer gold
Silk silver , silk gold

Drill gold

上一个:没有了 下一个: light silver,light gold


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