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  • PVC cards compound machine
PVC cards compound machine

PVC cards compound machine

The operation Procedure:
 Inset the power supply of machine into the socket, Turn on the power supply, If the indicator light of power supply is working, the machine is working.
Turn on  the heated switch ,the indicator light is on ,The show window of PV shows instantaneous temperature , The show window of SV shows anticipated designed temperature ,The machine begins to heat ,When the test temperature of PV reaches the anticipated designed temperature, The calefaction automatically stops ,Turn on wind engine ,and refrigerate the certificate card needed compound in the exit of material in order not to change shape .
Enactment of the temperature:
Turn on the heated switch ,The show window of PV shows instantaneous temperature, Now you can adjust the anticipated temperature ,The process of adjust: first press the  key of set of PV in right-down , The number of SV twinkles; Second adjust the needed temperature through emblem (▲)(▼) of PV ;Third press the key of  set, The show window of SV shows temperature which has been adjusted ,The number doesn’t twinkle any more , Enactment of the temperature completes .When the needed temperature of compounded material  reaches the ordinary specification of 0.8 mm thickness before ,The adjust of machine is over . 
Correctly reduplicate the needed compound certificate card according to the order of up-middle-down, Put it in the entrance material of machine ,Gently push material into machine ,The certificate card which has been compounded will automatically vent from the hell of machine after several seconds .The abnormity happens in the compounded process ,please immediately press the reversal switch of machine ,Quit the material from the machine ,and put it again into machine after adjusting .
The compounded temperature (for reference):
If the compounded thickness is around 0.5mm, it is 78 degree; if the compounded thickness exceeds 1mm, it is 92 degree.
The technology parameter:
Voltage: AC220V 50/60HZ
Power: 650W
Compound model: multi-axes plane heat compound
Compound press: 30Pa-50Pa
Compound thickness: 0.3mm--1.2mm
Compound size: width max 260mm
Weight machine: 16kg
Figure size: 430mm*340mm*150mm
items of attention:
Prohibit dousing water on machine and putting anything in the machine when it works .

When you don’t use the machine, turn down the machine at once .You must firstly turn down the heated switch, after about 3-5 minutes you can turn down the power supply switch and cut off power supply


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