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  • HM4500 Smart Cards Laminator
HM4500 Smart Cards Laminator

HM4500 Smart Cards Laminator

HM4500 Smart Cards Laminator is specially for IC&ID and other smart cards.
It is adopted hydraulic pressure method,and it has the pinpoint accuracy!Automatic balance ,cooling and heating working separately!The hydrautic pressing pump supply double hydraulic pressure power. single cylinder packs out ,energy saving ,high effeciency ,balance automatically!he heating layer is adopted the imported controlling mould to control and set the temperature,to keep the temperature permanent !
The heating and cooling press via double separately special  inducts response the data to the controlling system,then add more pressure or makeup pressure,to ensure the pressure permanent!This pumping station have a fuction to keep the pressure locked automatically,and make the interval longer,energy saving and enhance the effeciency!
 1.Simple ,visually,human-machine interface
 2.Low noise,small vibration
 3.Wimple circuit,simple maintenance
 4.Work balancely alarming rings automatically
 5.Single cylinder packs out ,energy saving ,high effeciency ,balance automatically
 6.Multistage press choice and output
 7.The temperature and pressure set and permanent automatically
 8.Temperature and pressure controlled with pinpoint accuracy!
 9.Manual automatic function ,single part can be operated
 10. It is suitable for kinds of card laminating   
technical parameter
 1.Power:AC 380V/50HZ
 2.Gross power:20KW  gross power
 3.Working group count:cooling and heating
 4.Working layers:two heating and two cooling
 5.The class of pressure?:1-3 class(set by yourself)
 6.Pressure bound:0-30 MPA
 7.Temperature controlling bound :0-300°c temperature controlling bound
 10. Weight :about3200Kg
 11.The size of the laminating board:350X450mm(set by yourself)
 12.Overal demension:L2200*W650


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