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  • FARGO printer(DTC400)
FARGO printer(DTC400)

FARGO printer(DTC400)

  • Dual- or single-sided Direct-to-Card printing of photos, bar codes and digitized signatures. Field-upgradeable smart card, proximity and magnetic stripe encoding options.
  • Eliminates hassles of loading ribbons and cleaning rollers with exclusive SmartLoad™ ribbon cartridge.
  • Ideal for small to mid-sized corporations, K–12 schools, police and fire, and local and state government facilities

  • Control the issuance and ensure the authenticity of your security ID cards.
    Enhance security, control and convenience for stand-alone Fargo ID security card systems. Print Security Suite gives you five easy-to-use applications that help make the issuing process for your security ID cards more efficient and trouble-free. At the same time, Print Security Suite helps protect your Fargo ID security card systems from fraud and misuse.

    Print Security Suite reduces downtime for producing security ID cards — a critical advantage during busy card issuance events. It monitors the level of consumable printer materials and, when something runs low, opens a secure link for re-ordering from a Fargo SecureMark Integrator. Print Security Suite also makes troubleshooting faster and easier by sending printer diagnostic data online to your SecureMark Integrator.

    ID cards are only as secure as the system that issues them.
    Since ID cards and badges are often the key to an organization’s security, it’s essential that Print Security Suite protects the card issuance system itself. Powered by Fargo SecureMark Technology, Print Security Suite creates a higher level of integrated security between your card printer/encoders, software and materials. When a printer/encoder alerts you to an unauthorized print event, or when a stolen printer/encoder simply refuses to work, that’s Print Security Suite on the job.


    Print Security Suite applications

    Printer Access: Helps prevent printer misuse and unauthorized issuance of ID cards. Automatically disables an illegitimately accessed or stolen printer.

    Security Imaging: Helps deter ID card counterfeiters by adding covert graphics visible only under UV light, plus authentication data indicating when and where a card was printed.

    Print Notification: Provides round-the-clock notification of unauthorized printing. Can be programmed to trigger an alert by e-mail or text message.

    Print Diagnostics: Reduces downtime by helping you quickly assess and fix printing issues. Shares printer diagnostic information with your Fargo SecureMark Integrator.

    Materials e-Ordering: Enables quick and convenient online re-ordering. Eliminates downtime by alerting you when materials are running low. Links directly to your Fargo SecureMark Integrator for secure on-line materials ordering.


    Compatible products
    Print Security Suite works with these Fargo printer/encoders:

    Actively manage and protect sensitive ID card-making materials.
    Fargo’s SecureVault ID Management System controls and protects a critical — but often overlooked — part of your card identity system: the card-making materials. SecureVault guards printer ribbons, overlaminates and blank cards from theft and misuse by storing them in an electronically locked vault. It tracks operator access and materials movement through the ID card issuance process. At the same time, SecureVault helps prevent inefficient work stoppages by alerting operators whenever materials in inventory drop below preset levels.

    A safe with brains and brawn.
    SecureVault combines inventory management software with access control and RFID technology. The metal SecureVault can only be opened with an administrator-issued proximity card that both authenticates the identity of the system operator and records the date and time of system use.

    A secure audit trail for ID materials.
    Every item of ID card production material that’s stored in the SecureVault is tracked by the Materials Management software. It monitors inventory transactions and can hold operators accountable for the movement and use of every item. Operators can use the optional RFID Reader to automatically log-in specially tagged items, achieving faster and more accurate capture of part and serial numbers.

    SecureVault benefits

    Materials Management software

    • Deters potential internal theft of ID materials with time- and date-stamped access recording
    • Creates multiple access levels (Administrator, Manager, User and None) to avoid single-user system control
    • Reduces printing interruptions with "Inventory Low" alerts and accurate inventory forecasting
    • Prevents theft of information useful to counterfeiters by storing and tracking used materials until properly destroyed

    Security and control

    • Secure audit trail and asset management
    • Contain card issuance hardware and accessories in one stand-alone station
    • Alarm and door-open sensor for 24-hour security
    • Optional RFID Reader makes inventory data entry faster and more accurate

    Ruggedness and convenience

    • Metal cabinets with secure, electronic door lock stores over 10,000 cards (SecureVault 2000)
    • Casters for fixed or transportable use
    • Internal cooling fan with 110/220 VAC auto-switching power supply
      Holographic Foil Cards
      Affordable, tamper-evident security for non-laminated cards
      Fargo Holographic Foil Cards protect your organization’s ID cards without the need for lamination equipment. A photo ID printed on a plain white plastic card has no protection against counterfeiters. Adding a holographic overlaminate is the usual solution. But what if your card identity system lacks that capability? Fargo Holographic Foil Cards are the answer. They provide a high level of protection by making their Visual Security Elements part of the card itself. Holographic foil elements are either embedded on the card surface, or just below the surface — beyond the reach of counterfeiters. Either way, Holographic Foil Cards make your IDs secure, all by themselves.

      VeriMark™ Card: A quick and affordable solution featuring your custom graphic on an opaque 2D foil.
      Utilizing a precise hot stamp process, Fargo embeds your organization’s logo, text or graphics onto a silver metallic foil to produce an easy-to-verify visual counterfeit deterrent. Durable, distinctive and difficult to counterfeit, VeriMark Cards are perfect for organizations that want to add personalized visual security with minimum cost and delivery time. Custom VeriMark Cards feature your 2D logo, text or graphics embedded in gold onto a durable silver foil.

      HoloMark™ Card: Your custom 3D image in a distinctive, high-resolution holographic mark.
      Fargo turns the graphic of your choice into a one-of-a-kind hologram that’s permanently embedded onto the surface of your card. The result is a visually dynamic card that’s virtually impossible to duplicate, yet easy to validate. Custom HoloMark Cards provide significant non-laminated protection against ID counterfeiting. Standard HoloMark design also available. Custom HoloMark Cards feature your custom designed hologram with multiple diffractive angles, nano text and laser-viewable images. Available in gold or silver.

      Metallized Foil Card: A custom design solution that embeds your metallized foil graphic below the surface of the card.
      Custom-designed, metallized holograms are securely layered inside the card’s construction for maximum durability and resistance to counterfeiting or tampering. Metallized Holographic Foil Cards are ideal for organizations that desire security and a sense of style in their cards. Custom Metallized Foil Cards are also available pre-printed. Ask your authorized Fargo integrator for details.

      Translucent Foil Card: A custom design solution that embeds your translucent foil graphic below the surface of the card.
      Custom-designed translucent holograms are embedded in the card stock — just below the surface. This secure and durable construction can incorporate customized Visual Security Elements. Ideal for designs where printing will cover the embedded image and create a translucent “watermark” effect on the card. Custom Translucent Foil Cards are also available pre-printed. Ask your authorized Fargo integrator for details

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