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  • FARGO printer(DTC 550)
FARGO printer(DTC 550)

FARGO printer(DTC 550)

Combines reliable ID card printing with networking capabilities for secure issuance throughout the enterprise.

  • Flexible design for centralized or distributed ID card issuance in large corporations, service bureaus or large educational institutions.
  • Optional Ethernet connectivity and internal print server integrates with existing enterprise networks.
  • Wide range of features and options for security, productivity, easy management and operation.

Holographic Overlaminates

A new level of deterrence
The need for a higher level of card identity security is greater than ever. Fargo Holographic Overlaminates provide a formidable, multi-level solution that uses multiple covert and/or forensic Secure and High Secure Visual Security Elements (VSEs).

When combined, these elements help to produce a complex, fraud-resistant ID card that will frustrate the most diligent and determined counterfeiters.

Standard and custom design options
You can add up to eight standard and custom VSEs to protect your cards, along with “registering” your holographic image so it is located in exactly the same position on every personalized card. The result? An ID card that is extremely difficult to forge but easy for you to authenticate.

Ideal for any organization requiring secure authentication
Fargo Holographic Overlaminates are a perfect fit for Corporations, Government agencies, Post-secondary educational institutions and any other organization seeking incremental holographic security.

Fargo Visual Security Elements

  • Hidden text
  • Micro text
  • Nano text
  • Flip images
  • 2D/3D imaging effect
  • Pseudo color
  • Fine line designs (Guilloche)
  • Morphing images

Actively manage and protect sensitive ID card-making materials.
Fargo’s SecureVault ID Management System controls and protects a critical — but often overlooked — part of your card identity system: the card-making materials. SecureVault guards printer ribbons, overlaminates and blank cards from theft and misuse by storing them in an electronically locked vault. It tracks operator access and materials movement through the ID card issuance process. At the same time, SecureVault helps prevent inefficient work stoppages by alerting operators whenever materials in inventory drop below preset levels.

A safe with brains and brawn.
SecureVault combines inventory management software with access control and RFID technology. The metal SecureVault can only be opened with an administrator-issued proximity card that both authenticates the identity of the system operator and records the date and time of system use.

A secure audit trail for ID materials.
Every item of ID card production material that’s stored in the SecureVault is tracked by the Materials Management software. It monitors inventory transactions and can hold operators accountable for the movement and use of every item. Operators can use the optional RFID Reader to automatically log-in specially tagged items, achieving faster and more accurate capture of part and serial numbers.

SecureVault benefits

Materials Management software

  • Deters potential internal theft of ID materials with time- and date-stamped access recording
  • Creates multiple access levels (Administrator, Manager, User and None) to avoid single-user system control
  • Reduces printing interruptions with "Inventory Low" alerts and accurate inventory forecasting
  • Prevents theft of information useful to counterfeiters by storing and tracking used materials until properly destroyed


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