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fagoo P560

fagoo P560

Fagoo P550/P560CARDS by color printer sublimation monochromatic thermal transfer technology, pick upOEEDigital image processing platform, to provide users with the best quality printing quality.Special print mode choice, meet your needs all-round.The details of the humanization design, let you become simple and quick operation.

A, the world's first Chinese display control panel, humanized design user-friendly

Fagoo P550/P560Is the world's first support Chinese display color card card printer.LCD control panel, the menu type friendly man-machine interface, with automatic debugging card and automatic and clean function, let you do not need specialized training can be easily operation.

FagooCard card printer use ribbon frame technology, ribbon replacement are easy and convenient, the greatest degree to save your time, convenient batch print.

To ensure that the output of the perfect quality,FagooCard card printer built-in removable cleaning roller, can in print card before, adsorption on the card of dust, ensure the quality of printing.In addition, the machine built-in air filter, also can effectively keep the movement lasting clean.

Second, special optional print pattern design

Fagoo P550/P560Color card card printer special optional print mode, to provide you with standard quality model and photo quality model two kinds of choices, meet your needs many.

Standard quality mode: print speed faster, print single color card only25Seconds (YMCKO), suitable for routine use of users.

Photo quality model: image processing and more lifelike, print quality better, suitable for color have higher requirements of the users.

Third, a variety of extensible smart card template, speaking, reading and writing

Fagoo P501/502Card card printer built-in smart card module and can be easily extended contact chip card reading and writing module (optional), induction chip card reading and writing module (optional), magnetic stripe CARDS, speaking, reading and writing module.

Four, powerful editing software - method high color card card production system

1.All Chinese interface,supportWindows2000, WindowsXpWait for a variety of operating system.

2.Visual database connection, easy click can complete, supportACCESSSQLServer ODBCDatabase engine, etc.

3.Powerful text edit function, support text location, size, direction, color, etc

4.Automatic generation of electronic seal, and further ensure your safety certificate

5, support one dimensional barcode, two-dimensional bar code printing

6, data retrieval function, support fuzzy inquiry, the precise inquiry and inquires the way

7, support for multiple picture format, can input bitmap files as card background

andCan be defined, including photo, signature

Five, product introduction

1.Into card box

Into the card box can hold100Card, it is suitable for batch print, through the transparent card box can see allowance always added card, facilitate management.

2.Card thickness adjusting mechanism

support0.3mm-1.0mmThickness card printing, let all kinds of thickness of the card can output the perfect quality.

3.LCDChinese display panel

LCD control panel, friendly man-machine interface, support Chinese machine shape

State and information, improve your work efficiency.


Green represents a normal, red said anomaly

Control buttons:

Use the corresponding key can control the machine built-in function

4.Slow fall head

FagooCard card printer cover of the slow down mechanism (patent), to prevent damaging the print head.

5.The card box

The card box the overflow card slot design, even if the card case already full, also can continue to print.

6.Waste card box

Freestanding waste card box, to collect the card read and write failure.FagooCard card printer using intelligent technology does not print, speaking, reading and writing failed card, in order to save cost.

7.Extensible a variety of smart card, speaking, reading and writing module

According to user needs can be equipped with contact chip card reading and writing module (optional), induction chip, speaking, reading and writing module (optional), magnetic stripe CARDS, speaking, reading and writing module (optional)

Six, smart card coding process schematic diagram

1.The computer will send to print task on the printer

2.The printer will card sent to the printer in the coding station

3.The printer will "card in place" the order sent to the computer

4.The computer through theRS-232orUSBPort to send data to verify the accuracy and complete read or write.

5.The printer will complete command sent to the computer on the printer

6.Computer send continue to print instruction, printers print tasks completed

Seven, a variety of extensible smart card reading and writing template block

Fagoo P550/560Card card printer built-in smart card module and can be easily extended contact chip card reading and writing module (optional), induction chip card reading and writing module (optional), magnetic stripe CARDS, speaking, reading and writing module.

Eight, application field

Fagoo P550/P560Can be widely used in companies, government departments, institutions, education department, police and fire departments, financial institutions, business services, residential property, etc


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