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  • 	330 Roll Laminator
	330 Roll Laminator

330 Roll Laminator

Laminating machine type 330

Width: 1-3MM

Maximum plastic width: 330

Heater temperature: 80-180

Power: 600W

Net weight: 8 kg

Packing: carton


Name: multi-function and economic type pedal type electric coating machine

Apply to: after single double-sided film, plastic profile photo, single-sided laminating photo

Machine size: 330mm


The main role of film:

1 do surface truly waterproof;

2 isolated from oxygen, retard the oxidative factors leading to fade;

3 film tolerance, surface can be cleaned;

4 prevent the printing surface scratches;

5 to improve the print or photo texture, grade;

6 overlying subcellular membrane can maintain the writing characteristics of;

7 increase in stiffness (mainly covered enhanced toughness );

8 contract, archival film, prevent from being modified.


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