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  • SPE-DGN Multi-Functional Combined Screen Printing Work Table
SPE-DGN Multi-Functional Combined Screen Printing Work Table

SPE-DGN Multi-Functional Combined Screen Printing Work Table

SPE-DGN Multi-Functional Combined Screen Printing Work Table

This product is a set of stationary desktop (such as various four-color one or two station screen printing machine, etc.) screen printing machine installation work rack, screen frame rack, scraper rack,printing material placement and integration; It has strong practicability,and the operation is quick and convenient , improve the work efficiency.

The basic functions:

1.The three parts on the work table open 4 pieces long holes,the width is 1 cm, the length is 10cm. It is suitable for installing screen printing machine without base ,and the hole distance is between 100 cm and 45 cm ; The beam installed on both sides of work table can move within total length 100 cm . Most desktop stationary screen printing machine can be installed directly on the shelf.

2.Screen frame rack can be adjusted from left to right on the long holes according to the width of the screen frame .It can place the widest screen frame with outside diameter 60 cm ; The narrowest screen frame with outside diameter 30 cm ; It can place 10 screen frames at most.

3.Scraper placed area: The length of scraper rack from front to back is 9 cm (3.5 inches); The width from left to right can be adjusted according to the length of the scraper, it can place 6 pieces 15-40 cm scrapers ; Each layer's width is 3.7cm(1.5inch).

4.Printing materials displayed area: the area is 50 cm long; 30 cm wide; It can place 12 bottles printing materials at one time.

5.Ink knife rack . The machine is configured with two ink knife hooks, and the customer can install hooks on the four pillars according to need.

6.Extended frame feet can be adjusted 20cm from up to down about 20 cm, and it is suitable for different height operators.

7.There are four 2 inch universal belt brake caster wheels installed at the bottom of the rack ; When need to move the work table, the customer can reduce the height of the support foot , then move it at arbitrary direction.

he main characters :

1.It adopts 3 mm steel plate laser cutting technology, aesthetically pleasing.

2.Advanced electrostatic spraying technology on appearance, acid and alkali resistance; High and low temperature resistance; Friction resistance; Don't rust, resistant to all kinds of detergent cleaning.

3.This rack is a two layers combination design; Users only need to 15 to 20 minutes to finish the installation according to the installation manual.

4.The combination design makes the machine to be 110*53*58cm; (after installed support foot it can be adjusted within 20 cm); The packing size is only for 118*63*20 cm (0.15m3); Completely isolated various metal parts in the packing, no collision in the process of transportation ; Up to down, left to right ,front to back sides, use foam board and wood packaging, and it can reach the standard export Europe and the United States.

5.Due to the volume reduced 85%; whether by sea or by air; In the premise of guarantee the transportation safety , transportation cost is reduced greatly.

Product Code
Product Name
SPE-DGN multi-functional combined screen printing work table
HS code
Product Color
Machine size
Machine using material
steel plate
Machine surface treatment
Electrostatic spraying
Attachment material
Stainless steel or zinc plating, nickel plating
Net weight
Gross weight
Packing size
Packing volume
0.15 m3
Packing material
Export fumigation-free wooden case


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