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  • SPE1200 Combined Simple Screen Plate Drying Cabinet
SPE1200 Combined Simple Screen Plate Drying Cabinet

SPE1200 Combined Simple Screen Plate Drying Cabinet

SPE1200 Combined Simple Screen Plate Drying Cabinet

The drying cabinet is an more important equipment in the process of screen plate making, the quality of the screen plate directly determines the quality of screen printing. In the process of making screen plate, such as cleaning the screen plate, coating the emulsion many times ,coating the hardener and so on. All these steps need to use the drying cabinet .Some users use the hot hair dryer to dry, and some users dry it by nature dry, but all these methods are either directly or Indirectly affects the quality of the screen plate. The main problems are following:
1.The hot hair dryer can replace the dryinig cabinet , but the drying temperature can not be mastered because of the high temperature of the hot hair dryer can damage the mesh,The mesh aging caused by the overheat will reduce the life of mesh and print quantity;
2.The dust and some external substances will invade the mesh when it is air-dried or laid out in the room.It causes some flaws in the exposure process, especially for the screen plate coating the emulsion well ,there will be dust clung to the screen plate.which reduces the quality of the screen plate;
3.The screen plate coating the emulsion well will be exposed to natural light during the drying by hot hair dryer or placement .The ultraviolet light in these lights also has a big impact on the screen plate.It has some effect on making high-quality screen plate;
4.the traditional heat blower dryer is inefficient. For example, make a four-color screen plate, usually it will need to coat emulsion three times, and each time it will need six to eight minutes, the four colors will need 70-90 minutes. The drying cabinet is widely used as the traditional silk printing equipment, but it is traditional,and there have been almost no major improvements for years, and there are some inherent flaws, such as big volume and weight,heavy use of electricity, safety and so on have also led to the failure of widespread adoption of the equipment in small silk printing enterprises.
Our company develops the design of this simple drying cabinet, from the design concept ,first considering the availability, efficiency, practicality and safety .With the premise to achieve the same effect as the traditional deying cabinet ,the reliability of the application of the equipment, the safety of the reliability of the quality.
This machine is designed and manufactured from the perspective of price, energy saving, transportation, etc.

The main characters:
1.It adopts combined folding structure, the box is made up of combination parts. The volume is only 0.05 cubic meters; The product will be about 73cm long , 50 cm wide and 150 cm high, with a volume of 0.53 cubic meters. Packing volume is small, shipment fees is low,and the installation is easy.
2.The main machine adopts high quality stainless steel materials; The weight is heavy, not oxidized, no rust,and it can be used for a long time.
3.This machine adopts PTC heating, high speed intelligent fan,it is low noise and hot air is large amount ; The highest temperature in the box can reach 50 to 70 degrees, it is especially suitable for drying the screen plate. The wind of the main machine is strong, it's 2.7 m/s - 2.9 m/s with an average of 2.8 m/s, and the outlet area is 0.18 m * 0.08 m = 0.0144 m3 per minute . The out air volume is about 2.4192m3per minute. The cloth cover is about 0.53 cubic meters, it is estimated that every 13 seconds the fan will be able to exhaust a cloth's volume of water gas.
4.The heater of machine can be automatically closed in three hours according to the need.
5. Cover of the machine adopts black cloth cover, and it can effectively block out the light input; Improve the drying quality.Ensure that the screen plate is not exposed in natural light during drying.
6.Wide range of application,the machine can be used to dry the screen frame with outer size 90cm * 80cm.And it also can be used as camera obscura. The machine can be used as a black box when the screen plate is not exposed for the time , meanwhile, it is good for sealing, and it is dustproof.

7. The foot wheel design ,and user can move the machine at any time.

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SPE1200 combined simple screen plate drying cabinet
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0.05 m3
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