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Service after sale :
1. While receiving the goods, please check the variety, specification, and quantity of products。 If you have any doubt on quality problem of products, please contact with us.

2. If the product has any damage, please take a picture of products the day when you received the goods. Then send the picture and quantity of the damaged products back to our company. or we will not accept any claim for loss..

3.Repair Time Limitation for machine:
Our company Promises to offer free repair service for our customers within one year. The products are to be maintained for all its usage time.
Our customers are guaranteed with a repair time limitation that is no shorter than the national regulation. Within the repair time limitation, all the repair services are for free. Beyond the repair time limitation, fees are charged at the uniform price our company set.

4.Repair Certificates for machines;
If the product breaks down in the repair time limitation, customers are to obtain a repair service by their purchase certificate. Make sure the number of the product must be in accordance with the repair certificate, or the repair time limitation will be set according to the date on the product. An absent of the two can’t get a repair service, but priced service still will be offered.

5. Regulations for Repair, Change and Return Responsibilities:
Our customers can choose to return, change or repair their products if they go wrong within the 7 days since its sale(except the damages caused by transportation).
If the premises of changing for another machine are reasonable and adequate but the same kind of machine is not access able at that time, and customers are unwilling to change for another kind of machine, return of the machine is permissible.
For the change of product, the repair time limitation will be calculated since the day of the change.
The package, outer appearance must be in good condition, and the accessories must be complete. Otherwise, the return of product is not allowed.
We welcome our customers’ suggestion about how to improve our services, please contact us directly via telephone, fax, email, etc! We will give you a promptly reply.