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the hotstamping process

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1.put the gilding press on the table and then plug on

2.fix the gilding paper

3.Plug on(16A above)

4.take the rubber tire being used for containing the gilding paper down

5. fix the rubber tire with gilding paper on the gilding press(pay attention that gilding paper with the color surface must be upward

6. pull some part of the fixed gilding paper, and fix it on the steel slice of front part of the machine

7. there are two boards. One is a piece of zinc board for making lace, aother is a piece of white silica gel for marking code

8. fix the gilding board, use tools to loose the two sides of the screws. If you want to gild the marked code, please choose the white silica gel board, then insert it into the this window and tight the screw.

9.fix the right position of the card(adjust the card to the right position)

10. adjust the temperature, usually at 135 centigrade

11.when the temperature is enough, the red button will light, at this time , you can mark the code.

12.put the card which has been marked code on the right place for gilding, that is under the silic gel board, press the hand bar slightly, then you can get one.

13.there are so many kinds of samples which have been got through our gilding press.