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the laminated way of making ID/IC card

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The press laminated way of making plastic card is widely used in many countries! You can make IC/ID card from it! it is used for medium scale or mass production of IC/ID card! What is more, because of our  premium quality of ID/IC card making material and relevant ID/IC card making equipments, we are the supplier of many reputation IC/ID card making company in Russian,Ukrain,Nigeria,Kenya,Pakistan,Thailand,brazil,Argentia,etc! we will enumerate the necessary simple equipment as following:
1 Inkjet PVC sheet(0.08mm+0.3mm+0.03mm+0.8mm,A4 size) USD0.33/set
2 printer Any inkjet printer
3 Press laminator 480USD
4 Trimmer(12*15inch) 20 USD
5 puncher(electrical) 550USD
6 embosser 350USD
7 Hot stamping machine 150USD
8 Manuel slot puncher(2mm) 7 USD

We will introduce the simple way of making instant PVC card as following for our distinguish customer’s reference! we also warm welcome our customer to enquiry to us about the elaborate process of it. you can feel free to contact us and we will give you a promptly and friendly reply