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Hangzhou Xuemei Digital Tech Co.,Ltd

Address:No. 33 xincheng Road, Hangzhou high-tech (Binjiang) Zone ,Hangzhou ,China
Tel: 0086-0571-88102786
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New office in Yiwu
【From】admin 【Release time】2011/11/29 【The number of visits】2048

New office in YiWu
Attention my dear old and new customer .
Some of you will come to china and have a visit .
Some times you think go to hangzhou is not so easy ,
So we have a shop in Yiwu
H2-25143,Number Gare60,International Tade Mart,YIwu,China.
If you go to yiwu ,it will be easy for you to visit our shop!
Enjoy life!



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