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Hangzhou Xuemei Digital Tech Co.,Ltd

Address:No. 33 xincheng Road, Hangzhou high-tech (Binjiang) Zone ,Hangzhou ,China
Tel: 0086-0571-88102786
Fax: 0086-0571-56862100
ZIP: 310030
Web: http://www.hzhongmei.com
E-mail: business@hzhongmei.com
The Notice of Our Company’ Movement
【From】Tony Xi 【Release time】2007/6/29 【The number of visits】2675

Dear every new and old client,
As our company’ scope of management has been extending day by day,our company  moved to West Lake  Industrial  Park Zone of HangZhou on 25, June.We have capacious office block,wokshop, and storehouse, relaying on the flat roof of advanced  technology ,better working environment  and  pipelining ,besides ,we have stricter control progress of product quality. We will continue to supply better products and  perfect service to every new and old client. We hope every client           
can continue to be  present  in our company, thanks.
The new office address and contact information is as following:
Hangzhou Xuemei Digital Tech Co.,Ltd  
Address:NO 8,XiYuan 1 Road, XiHu Industry Park, Sandun,Hangzhou,China
 Tel:0086- 0571-88102786
Fax:0086- 0571-56862100
Mobile Tel:0086- 13588752006
Homepage: www.hzhongmei.com

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