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Product: 3050c foil printer
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3050C Digital Printing foil machine Features: plateless or no dies, network output, personalized stamping, print A4 size one time
Application Industries: graphic hardcover, card design, sign, image, gift, personalized greeting card, celebration etc.
Printing media: paper, PVC card, leather, sticky notes, fabric, ribbon etc.
1. Control by air, stable printing force
2. No need to move the printing media, print A4 size one time, fast and efficient
3. Computer to plate and automatically identify printing position
4. Adopt the latest software program that can save the foil, low cost
5. Support Windows Office (like Coreldraw, Word) to print directly
  • product name: ADL-3050C Digital Printing foil machine, foil printer
  • Print medium type: paper leather PVC etc
  • printing speed: 30mm/sec
  • Machine power: 330W
  • Power specifications: Ac110v-240v/50/60hz
  • Machine weight: 50kg/35kg
  • Machine shape dimension: 95*48*73cm

    video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjM1MDk3Mjky.html

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