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Product: 8 in 1 heater pesss
Retailed price:
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Dimension: 51*50*48cm
Weight: 26kg
 Description of products :

Slip pull type multifunction thermal transfer machine, in order to facilitate the customers use convenience, this machine accessories with the sliding rail replacement mode, convenient and quick, flexible.Control system after upgrade optimization, a new intelligent controller simple operation, accurate temperature control, can degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit transfers, has the temperature calibration function.

Printing bedplate improvement into cast aluminium plate, smooth level off, transfer quality more firm.And USES the push-pull type slippery course design, transfer more convenient, replace the transfer content is more convenient

Using new and more rational agent pressure style, causes in the transfer process parcel sex better, transfer quality superior.Replace various models of baking cup mat need not remove the screw can easily calm

The improved six spring pressure plate pressure distribution more uniform, resign panel also adopted the slide rail way, in the transfer process convenient be transfer material replacement, unprecedented convenience and flexibility

Roast cap mould replacement more direct simple, high quality convenient slide rail push-pull type instead of off trival screw fixation, and at the same time solve the hot stamping process ordinary lift head, adjust the pressure and replace transfer item is not convenience distress

Warm prompt:

Printed character DIY products, you need to prepare these equipment and materials:

1, thermal transfer machine equipment;
2, ink-jet printer a + empty even for (will thermal transfer special ink into the even supply system);
3, the sublimation ink (will be placed in printers inside)
4, high-temperature tape;
5, the sublimation paper;
6, paper cutter,


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