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Product: 5Y card punching machine
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HM-5Y Five cards Hydraulic Punching Machine


1. Electric Photo Eye to control position.

2. Stable of import hydraulic pressure or Motor Punching Preussre, save power and high speed.

3. High technology with production, easy to check if have problem.

4. PLC control so that easy to operate machine.

5. Punching mold made of import Japanese iron, high quality.

Technical Details:
Punching Frame: 2*5 (210*297mm)
Punching Size: 85.6*54mm (size of ISO international standard)
Suitable For: PVC   ABS  PET and some other plastic materials
Punching Thickness: 0.1-1.2mm
Punching Pressure: 5T Oil Hydraulic or Motor Punch two kinds

Punching Mold: 5
Control Method: PLC
Working Efficiency: 5000pcs/hour
Power Source: AC 380V  50-60Hz   4KW
Dimension / Weight: 960*740*1270mm     320KG

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