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Product: Multi-functional Business card Cutter LDA408
Unit: set
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Package: carton
 Description of products :
A408 Multi-functional Card cutter can cut A4 card into ten at one time,free of alignment and repeated frequent sheet feeding, it can process 15 sheets of 200g card at one time at most,which has an unparalleled advantage compared with the traditional semi-automatic type,it's included with specifications for five different sizes,besides ,it's provided with automatic sheet detection,LCD ,Adjustable specifications and user-friendly operation,thus being a preferred choice of intelligent card cutting equipment in China.
Specification Sheet

Cutting mode
Longitudinal: cutting with roll cutter; lateral: cutting with lateral cutter
Paper fed mode
Automatic paper feed in a sole friction way
Paper size
Paper thickness
0.20mm (180g/m²---0.30mm (250g/m²)
Paper nature
Common paper, top quality paper
Cutting rate
About 100pcs/3min (A4) for namecard
Cutting size
89x45mm, 89x50mm, 89x54mm, 89x95mm, 89x127mm
Volume of paper placement
Max. 12pcs of namecard paper (0.25mm thick) or total thickness 3mm
Volume of namecard
180g/m²90x2pcs, 250g/m²70x2pcs
Mechanical dimension
385Lx430Wx220H (mm)
of use
-15~+40℃, humidity; 35~70%
About 13.5Kg
Power supply
AC220V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A


video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDgxNjIwMzM2.html?f=18613237

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