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Enjoyed the Qixi Festival in Happy valley
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It was August 23 , July seventh day of the lunar calendar ,
It was also Qixi Festival-------The Chinese Valentine’s day.

In our company , Girls are beautiful , Boys are very handsome. But all of us were single , So we decided to enjoy the special day together in Happy Valley where is located in Yiwu.

Let’s share our photoes and hapiness :

She is Wendy , our manager . Look , she is so cool …. The photo taked at the gate of
Happy valley . By the way , She is the only one married , and I guess she should have gone to enjoy a romatic dinner with her husband in the evening . 


Wendy’s Baby , Cuit , right ?  He seemed to say , “Mum , I am still hungry ! ” .


All of us here . how much snappy we are ! Really is a very amazing team ! yeah…

The first activity is grass skating

It is really funny !

The second is activity is driftage
in the The most thrilling process , we can not take photos , just some photos at beginning when warm-up . It showed how excited we are . 


The third activity is strop ropeway.
At the begiing , I am so nervous , But actuaaly , it is cool !
Look , our most handsome boy --- Yehao


And the most brave lady ---Kayla

It is regret , I only take her back …



Finaly , hope you reading a wonderful story about Chinese Valentine’s day---Qixi what we were memorying .

 The Double Seventh Festival, on the 7th day of the 7th lunarmonth, is a traditional festival full of romance. It often goes into August in the Gregorian calendar.
This festival is in mid-summer when the weather is warm and the grass and trees reveal their luxuriousgreens. At night when the sky is dotted with stars, and people can see the Milky Way spanning from the north to the south. On each bank of it is a bright star, which see each other from afar. They are the Cowherd and Weaver Maid, and about them there is a beautiful love story passed down from generation to generation.


Long long ago, there was an honest and kind-hearted fellow named Niu Lang (Cowhand). His parents died when he was a child. Later he was driven out of his home by his sister-in-law. So he lived by himself herding cattle and farming. One day, a fairy from heaven Zhi Nu (Weaver Maid) fell in love with him and came down secretly to earth and married him. The cowhandfarmed in the field and the Weaver Maid wove at home. They lived a happy life and gave birth to a boy and a girl. Unfortunately, the God of Heaven soon found out the fact and ordered the Queen Mother of the Western Heavens to bring the Weaver Maid back.


With the help of celestial cattle, the Cowhand flew to heaven with his son and daughter. At the time when he was about to catch up with his wife, the Queen Mother took off one of her gold hairpins and made a stroke. One billowyriver appeared in front of the Cowhand. The Cowhand and Weaver Maid were separated on the two banks forever and could only feel their tears. Their loyaltyto love touched magpies, so tens of thousands of magpies came to build a bridge for the Cowhand and Weaver Maid to meet each other. The Queen Mother was eventually moved and allowed them to meet each year on the 7th of the 7th lunar month. Hence their meeting date has been called "Qi Xi" (Double Seventh).

Scholars have shown the Double Seventh Festival originated from the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD220). Historical documents from the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD371-420) mention the festival, while records from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) depict the grand evening banquetof Emperor Taizong and his concubines. By the Song (960-1279) and Yuan (1279-1368) dynasties, special articles for the "Qi Xi" were seen being sold on markets in the capital. The bustling markets demonstrated the significance of the festival
Today some traditional customs are still observed in ruralareas of China, but have been weakened or diluted in urban cities. However, the legend of the Cowhand and Weaver Maidhas taken root in the hearts of the people. In recent years, in particular, urban youths have celebrated it as Valentine's Day in China. As a result, owners of flower shops, bars and stores are full of joy as they sell more commodities for love.


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