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Enjoy Dinner
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--11, 2011. Are you hungry? Oh, absolutely!Okay, let’s go for a dinner journey! Here we go!
Our customer and friend roman and alex are in our company for business ,after work we are going for dinner!
Here we are in a Chinese traditional kitchen : The grandmother’s kitchen, Oh, that’s wonderful! The foods and atmosphere there are really great! After a whole day visiting in Hangzhou Xuemei Digital Tech. co.  ,   Ltd., we both are really hungry. Before dinner, what’s more important is to take a photo for commemorating first! NOW! LET’S START! We just can not wait any longer.    
Wait ,wait ,wait  ! Please wait for a while. Who you are? Who take our sequence? Who type these words instead of us  ? ! Oh, my god! I am exposed…But that’s a great mystery.
One more photo: that’s really harmonious.

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