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Drop everything, let’s for sports!
【From】admin 【Release time】2011/12/6 【The number of visits】1927

31,3,2011,a normal day. Our customer Tahiri Azem who is trying to learn press lamintor and inkjet pvc sheet from us , what’s more, he also brought us a strong sports fever.
Whether singing or dancing, he was excellent enough. In addition, can you imagine that he was a ping-pong talent? TESS, our leader, this time she was confident enough to win the game. But…….You must know the final result…
PING-PONG , Chinese national sport, yes, our Chinese girl TESS knows that well than everyone else. She devotes herself in strengthening her ping-pong skills expecting a second competition ever since.    
Come on! Win her!
Looking at his smiling face, aha, I am so happy, everyone is happy except ……
A nice day! TESS , come on !Let’s for sports!

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