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Sanjay Gandhi--India
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11.28,2011, Sanjay Gandhi ,  our Indian customer came to HangZhou XueMei Digital Tech. Co.,Ltd. SG told us that he had been engaged in PVC card trade for over 10 years long. He also had taken part in lots of trade fairs and contacted various PVC material suppliers. We learned that   SG took great interests on our products from our previous online communication .We have twice delivered our samples to SG for reference expecting a further cooperation. That’s really a long journey.
Luckily, efforts paid off. This time, SG travelled to China   specially for the sake of visiting our factory .  He was quite satisfied with our inkjet PVC sheet 、 overlay with glue film. He made a -100,000-order for each product with us. It’s an excellent international cooperation.
SG was scanning our latest catalogues, our manager was quite happy with his come.
Our excellent manager was calculating the total price for SG,   our skilled customer was also checking the lists carefully at the same time,

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