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we're mad with Gathering Grapes on 30th.Aug.2009
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This is a larger Grapes Garden.

It's a delicious grapes.Beautiful.

we can't wait to touch with Grapes ,feeling its breath.it's so nice

     our mouth are watering now. come on
       Aug 30,2009, our company already planted to picnicky before this day,today we are going.Unfortunately ,it is a couldy weather,some time raining,we should have gone to Hangzhou paradise ,so we decide to pick grapes in the suburban.

        After we reach the vineyard,there are different kinds and tastes of grapes ,such as crystalline ,coffeebeauty finger,and so on.We are all cheering,walking while eating,forgot bad weather and tired.

        Working is busy and many things to deal with in the weekday,so we can get close to nature to relax and more confident to face resignment next week.
        Maybe different countries and foreign friends have different way to relax and enjoy life.dear friends ,how will you release pressure ?if possible ,welcome to Hangzhou China to share happiness with us !

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