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Hangzhou Xuemei Digital Tech Co.,Ltd

Address:No. 33 xincheng Road, Hangzhou high-tech (Binjiang) Zone ,Hangzhou ,China
Tel: 0086-0571-88102786
Fax: 0086-0571-56862100
ZIP: 310030
Web: http://www.hzhongmei.com
E-mail: business@hzhongmei.com
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·the detailed process of heat press 2007/5/24
·the laminated way of making ID/IC card 2007/5/24
·The instant way of making ID card 2007/5/24
·the pouch laminator process of making cards 2007/2/9
·the hotstamping process 2007/1/25
·Automatic Positioning Motor Driven Cutter 2007/1/25
·The introduction about slot hole puncher 2007/1/18
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