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Hangzhou Xuemei Digital Tech Co.,Ltd

Address:No. 33 xincheng Road, Hangzhou high-tech (Binjiang) Zone ,Hangzhou ,China
Tel: 0086-0571-88102786
Fax: 0086-0571-56862100
ZIP: 310030
Web: http://www.hzhongmei.com
E-mail: business@hzhongmei.com
Delivery information
Rapid Delivery (the products we have in stock at our warehouse before you place order confirm with our sales department)
●         Products delivered to your door as quickly as 2 days for domestic customer.
●         Products delivered to your door as quickly as 3-5 days for international customer
●         You can select your own delivery date while completing your order
We have sign agreement with international express company as follows:
TNT: 35% of discount
DHL:30% of discount
UPS:30% of discount
JCEX: 40%of diccomt
Sea Delivery time
After goods completed, the delivery days to different areas by sea as follows:
●         To Southeast Asia is about 12-15 days
(India, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka)
●         To Middle East Asia is about 20-25 days
●         To North America is about 15-25 days
( USA : east area of America will take about 30 days; Canada will take about 20-25 days)
●          To South America is about 30-45 days
(Brazil, Argentina )
●         To Europe is about 30-35 days
●          To Africa is about 50-60 days
(Note: all the information just for your reference, exact delivery time welcome to contact us)
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